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Completed Projects

During the presidency of Professor Antoine Boustany, the Lebanese Order of Physicians completed several urgent and necessary projects that aimed to develop the Order and serve the medical body in particular. These are the first steps of development in the Lebanese Order of Physicians in Beirut, we hope that they will be followed by steps and future projects for the good of the LOP in general and the medical body in particular.

Retirement Pension

The retirement pension was increased by 120% without causing any negative impact on the financial budget of the Order from 600,000LBP to 1,000,000 LBP, to become 1,300,000 LBP starting June 2016.


Being a non-profit public institution with limited income and providing services listed by the laws, it is a must for the Order of Physicians to get the best offers on the annual interest in order to invest money and increase revenues. Hence, It has been agreed with the banks involved to increase the interest rates on the accounts in Lebanese Pound from 5% to 7%, and from 3.5% to 5% on those in US Dollars, to be paid based on 365 days on the principle of compound interest starting the date of deposit of the actual value.

Payment Method

The Order of Physicians provides multiple payment methods for physicians and LOP visitors, namely cash, checks, bank transfers, and bankcards. In addition, payments through the website and the private banks will be available soon.


After twenty years of hesitation, the LOP current council has approved to adopt the project of the full automation of the Order of Physicians. The automation allows LOP to organize the IT and the programing in the order to secure a proper workflow and functioning of LOP activities and processes with the possibility of increasing production and accuracy in all departments. The Branches have been linked with the headquarter in order to get all the information needed. 

The overall cost of automation (with better and more comprehensive conditions) has been reduced, through a tendering process, from 420,000 US Dollars to 200,000 US Dollars. 

New Branches

The different economic theories recommend the purchasing of new properties. Based on these theories, the Lebanese order of physicians decided to seek the purchase of new centers, reverting the principle of “A Center for Each Province”, aiming to facilitate the work and the movement of the physicians and ensure better and wider services for them. The automation of the new branches will be soon implemented.

Membership Card

Since we are always striving to secure the interests of physicians and answer their demands; the Lebanese Order of Physicians has issued a lifetime and free membership card that enables doctors to benefit from several privileges, such as the insurance on medical malpractices, a loyalty program to members, and feeding the pension fund.