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President's Message

      Dear colleagues,

Finally, the Lebanese Order of physicians in Beirut council, will have its website. After the first attempt to automate the Order in 1992, a serious decision to implement a modern, comprehensive approach in 2015 was taken during the mandate of the Order president, Pr. Antoine Boustany, which led to the achievement of the project, becoming hence a reality.

People spend in our modern world more and more of their time online. Keeping a website is no longer an option, but a strategic necessity.


The website will allow the Council of the Order to actively interact with the physicians and the public, increase the presence of the Council and be effectively available online around the clock. The website shall be a services platform for the physicians and a back up for communication and interaction.

It's an investment much more profitable than other media means. It's sustainable, adjustable and intended to work for the long term and its value will increase continuously.

Globally, it will instantly reflect the professional and institutional image of the Council of the Order.


Finally, I would like to thank my predecessors who prepared the ground and allowed the achievement of this project. I also thank the former Councils and the current one for their valuable support. This project could not be achieved without the professionalism and commitment of the staff and managers who complemented it.

My best regards to all physicians and the Council of the Order.


Pr.Raymond Sayegh
Chairman of the Board of Physicians in Beirut